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Friday, March 11, 2011


HI! It's Friday and I have a new zine on my hands. Initially, this was for some sort of project thing but I liked the end result and decided to compile the images into a fairly clean zine. It's 36 pages, 8x7, numbered in editions of 40 AND i've done two runs: one black and white and one colour. If I could find a way to print colour zines at a decent price point, I would... but as it stands, the color version is selling at cost. Whatever, live and learn or something.

On one hand, the focus of this zine is... well, people i'd probably never see again in the same capacity. Aside from that, it also made me think of the 'exclusive shared experiences' we adore so much and how we duplicate them endlessly with other people. Everything from aesthetics to nervous tics. How 'goodbye' could be forever or never or temporarily. I guess it's all about context or something. Whatever.

You can get one from Harsh Realm or dimitrikarakostas@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

but on the other hand these are people you mostly will see again wuuuuut

Anonymous said...

Maybe like 1/3 of them. The rest, I mean, even if I see them again it would be different in some sort of way... you know, one of those effects of elapsed time. You can't go back!

Also, what?

Anonymous said...

i like it a lot & i just want to get it, i guess....the wuuuut wasn't needed, not even a little bit, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Get the idea or a copy? The 'wuuut' wasn't needed, but it certainly made your comment require answering. Plus, I like a good excuse to clear up confusion!

Anonymous said...

wuuut i'm not sassy anymore?! i'll buy a copy-you're at a loss right? see you never!

dimitri hey!! said...

I just assume I know you in real life so I don't know what to say... except, yeah, give me your money please.

Anonymous said...

I really like your style bro!