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Friday, April 29, 2011


All of This Will End is a 36 page zine of 'anxiety art.' I guess I have a habit of writing myself short notes about my day / a specific situation, which are primarily negative I guess... This zine ties images and text together in an attempt to squash those bad vibes- if put on display, it becomes open to criticism, which makes it funny, so it can't bug me. You get it? There's also some images of notes left around the city for specific people to find... I doubt they saw it/cared, though. Ha!

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PKRE Journal 1 is a 36 page glossy zine of photographs taken in the span of 48 hours by Jonthan LeBlanc, T. Reilly Hodgson, and me. I guess it's photos of three people taken by three people, as well as anything else that's happened lately. I suppose the moral is this: it's easy to have a good time if you have awesome pals, whatever, relax, it's going to be okay, man. It also comes in fancy envelope! Cool!

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Anonymous said...

All perfectly done

johnnie said...

i want one.