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Sunday, January 31, 2010

lizard leather boots

you can't look cool running across the street

oh well, one more song can't hurt. i kinda like this one. the amount of principles of geometry i've been listening to is pretty evident here.

the kind of world where we belong

here's a b-side from an almost finished split cd-r/zine with http://www.myspace.com/oliviabillermusic which i'm really excited about. her writing and music blows my mind, so i'm hyped!!! i've done maybe 5-6 new tracks already and this is pretty typical of a lot of them. very idm-attempt-able.

Friday, January 29, 2010

whatever you need done, we will do it

"i think in poems" he says, sudden
abrupt shift in conversational switch
"broken car window glass shatters tossed
in perfect form dufferin corner, explains
so much. dreaded meeting pretty girl who
two typicals meet later and leave. as if
whatever is done needs to highlight control
v and c
repeated repeated infinate."
are you sudden high end vegan? please, don't
stop smoking for us, please. we all police
ourselves. i think i get it, yes. are we true
breaking the least i could do is nothing (red
room coffee late january?)or rather sweet sixteen
present swiss army pocket knife forever keychain held?

all reality sudden providing
a simpler accounting of what
is really having expectations
mistook smallest shaking
as holding dear or equal,
range street wheelies to
display desire to die
(just pretending is all)

half hording told you
so, if kept close unable
to let down again our guard
biceps still rip summer time
shirt sleeves trash likely
so embarassed for you right
now, hide nothing!
freedom, for you? still laugh.
flock of bees majestically
foaming at your mouth

"see what i mean? it just
doesn't stop."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

whole wide world

-i am looking for an old wah pedal to put on craigslist to help buy a new guitar, i come across my old laptop. i plug it in, and for some reason it works? what the fuck?! gigs and gigs of old work, lots of records i forgot i love (wreckless eric 24/7 now!!) and like, what the fuck, seriously.

what the fuck.
what the fuck.

Monday, January 25, 2010

something real

my post-shower (spontaneous) existential crisis
- - -

i suddenly do not exist in real time

i am stuck confined to all of my
existance one smothering me and
not an escapist, casualty of habit
since the onset of time i laugh to
ensure i am here, yes, right now,
too often, calendar days wrapped
around me (loving arms) no and profound
surprise, all care less ness trying to
convey a strongest desiring to just
just to maybe hi, hello, tomorrow, too
danger zone!!! i am note taking trying
to pie chart supplement my choice, feet
sweeper, same way we do things, same
waiting to see which is weaker, likely
(me, once in every whiles) not necessary,
surely! what is which that is so disappeared
quick when mind occupied another? an entire
past perhaps? a waste, shooting the messenger
seems. a slight gradient shift in an offwhite
pallet accidentally tinted soft with a too-wet
brush tip, nonsense! true existence pointless.
caught. i am blurt out my feelings one day,
oh save us!!! immune to waiting, damp clothes
clung. could well and okay, one day. i'll put
it on the top of my to do (no colon) list.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

we are chained to the events, that's it

always chewing up the only ones i ever mean

our quickly usually pure agony and
run off really start to live some new
or tense sudden taking place and the
bottom is so secret and maybe not
that great

i said for once first done to need
to just leave or do what i think
is right right now, arm around
you when i think you look like
i like blue skies too

make the most or is it
your face? drink long week
and eat spring green mix
one married if not me right
hopefully wasn't a good
answer by myself i left
it sensible and if we fell
asleep it would
be completely okay.

run for your life

i was somewhere once, and here are some things.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

lose all sense of direction

when you are sick you are
more you than you know, even
maybe real life you, not too
worried about your hair or
even earthquakes, just 'make
it through the day' or not,
don't fall asleep too soon
your bed is covered in coffee
cups and sheets thrown to the
floor. i always hated showering
and sleeping alone. i am bundled
up in myself in a movie theatre
or maybe just a bit sad.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

poems i don't write change me more

alright! this zine is a split between baltimore's lesser gonzalez alvarez and i, 34 pages of pure excellence! all new work (on my end, lesser's stuff is seen but new as well), cardstock cover, sexy alternative papers!!! the first edition is put out through http://bloodoftheyoung.com and is a run of 10: five exist in toronto, five in baltimore.

this is $4!

it's all about the moderate climates

January 1-something, things are good right now at least. Feel less like 'offing myself' and accepting that all is as it should and will always be. Smoking a lot lesser or more.

AND if you're a Kensington person, the only cafe to attend is definately the Bellvue, right next to This Ain't the Rosedale Library (another great place)! Best place ever!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

totally anonymous: an idea

alright, i am very fond of the idea of letter writing. however, i feel like there is no way to write something to one you know without censoring yourself subconsciously.

as opposed to resourcing a pen pal, i have decided to try this.
i have made a gmail account exclusively for this, and what you would do would be login and write an email to the email in which you are sending it. hopefully, another person would read it and reply to it from the same account, to the same account. more letters, more replies, all veiled under total and complete anonymity.

try this with me, maybe? even just a one line statement. anything.

email address: amitooidealistic@gmail.com
password: sleepwalking

hey! this will probably end up a zine, like everything else!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


the handsome theory of the strange
and sudden self-assured
a quite small 'sweet pea' you smile,
only going all the way half the
time midnite raid of complete and total
thoughts thin, and shirts wrinkled from
already worn + devoted to wrapped around
you but good, how to respond except do
not to a suggesting allergic impossibility
post-blues printed and taped up (the door)
embarassed that it is a good way of dealing

how much of a preparation is needed? comes
in time, surely spotless dinner napkins tossed
from lap to floor bright girl subscription to
smashing starbucks windows late at night.

tall and waxing cursed ideal in all the still
unable sentance stringer, satisfied
easily nihilistic anxiety (hyperbole) nicely
given to choices and cleavage, wasting something

so wall calendar concieved accurately and to
all impressed precision forget and uncanny
imitation and yes, it would be nice every
present habit and shifting accounts for these
dear friend,
suceed path and past and immersed unclear who
placed these bets. twin doubled crisis navigation
makes a charmingly perfect suffering-
staying in the business of having no business living.
(it's good work if you can get it.)

Monday, January 11, 2010