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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

he would but fortunately i am and no you or i are not his hologram/god is everywhere

one completely new zines of completely old work,
one zine reprint with some new work.

he would but... is 48 pages, 1/4 size, and mostly photos but there are some drawings in there too. this is $3.

god is everywhere is 24 pages, 1/4, and is just polaroids you know. this is $2.

both are in editions of just 10.

just saying, here is my idea and you can be a part of this if you want:
i want to do a zine a week, yeah, no big deal right? what i want, though, is each zine to be picked up by one store/gallery/distro. so the only place in the world to get that zine (except from me) is through that one place. could be fun? let me know if you'd want to do that. just an idea, i guess.