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Monday, July 14, 2008

streets on fireee

oh hey, if you're here and you haven't been here before... you probably found a painting i left on the street. rad! i'm glad you kept it.
if you want, you can email me at coveredinfrogs@hotmail.com and tell me which one and where (in case they travelled, which would be super neat too!). pleasssssssssssssse please. okay!

if not, i hope you liked it anyways.

you can also contact me (or see other stuff, in case you want more!):

and i'm willing to dj anywhere anytime ;)

AND you can also hire me to do illustration or design anytime! :)

!!! !!!
'Dan' found a Pikachu painting! In ROCKPORT?!?! He must have actually because he described it perfectly and I don't think I put online anywhere. That's incredible because mapquest says it's almost an hour away from Kingston. That's so awesome. I'm positively ecstatic! Make sure you tell me if you find something so I can feel like this always!

!!! !!!
Natalie found a face inside of the plywood fortress by Urban Outfitters!!! She said she's going to drop it somewhere far away so i'm really excited! THANK YOUUU!!!

!!! !!!
http://unicoronary.blogspot.com/ found three and kept two?! The ones I did today were pretty secret so neat!

!!! !!!
Eron from Rockit found one! That made me hyped. Upper Playground love!

there are 15 more paintings out today on princess, queen, and ordnance. go get them!

and now there are packs of screenprints and drawings! CLEANING HOUSE! CONCEPTUAL ART!!

oh, and thanks, kingstonist, for the mention! genuinely appreciate it! i'm willing to bet you'll find a piece or two around. ;)

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