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Thursday, December 18, 2008

enrobe de pur chocolate

hey! i was in the first issue of romka magazine aside some very talented photographers... and i'm hyped on it! really clean design... yeah! check it out.

i also have two sets at http://lomoporno.com... again, with photographers whom i adore. one kart hammer, especially. really great work, click the link on the right for her blog yeah!

finally, http://pus-eye.blogspot.com/ posted some work which was really rad... aside COLEY BROWN, who is AWESOME. The elegant Sophie also donated $10 to the fund, so she's going to get a package of zines whenever I get a few new rolls developed. Thanks so much! :)

what else... the luxurious Jonathan LeBlanc (sidebar for link!!) got me a super nice slr for chrimbo which means i owe him bigtime. baked goods!! only though, sorry dude.


yeah, that's it. haha.

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