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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

new air

hey guys, been quite a lull lately but things are kinda settled now.
i moved a bit more west, so you can now find me in the heart of parkdale if yr a toronto friend. i have lots of space in my new, empty apartment so we should probably have a photographic session of sorts. i have ideas.

anyways, this post is intended as a 'what i'm doing right now' sort of thing, so here we go:
- blood of the young zine is my current #1 project and i want you to be a part of it. submit work to blood@bloodoftheyoung.com and help us out! we're working on a place for the zine release party, so if you know anybody who can help out with that, i'd be hyped and forever greatful!

- jonathan and i are going to be making a lot of patchwork creatures in really large scale really soon. we made a small (12") one tonight and i'm really excited. more on this later!!!

- i'm really wanting to collaborate with as many people as possible in as short of a period of time as possible. here are a few ideas, let me know if you want to work something out!
+i want somebody to shoot a roll once, send it to me and let me double expose it and vice versa.
+i want to do lots of photo/illustration zines. just small ones. topical, maybe.
+musically! SO BAD. i want to start a band like SALEM right meow!
+uhhh more things too, i just forget right now.

- miaux recks has started up again for 2009. three releases are set up for mid-february, as well as new shirts coming soon. stoked!

- i'm starting work on a sort-of film again. it's slightly deviating from the video collage sort of thing, but it's still going to have a glitchy, aggrivating feel. conceptualized!

- i'm still looking for a job/any sort of income, so if you have any ideas... don't hesitate to let me know!

with so much love for 2012,


t reilly hodgson said...

"+i want somebody to shoot a roll once, send it to me and let me double expose it and vice versa."
was totally my idea and i've got a roll or two here waiting for you.

+i'm stoked to see your plush stuff. i used to make small-ish ones in highschool a bit and havnt in so long.
+super game for more small zines.
+yeah, i've got more ideas too, i have a feeling me getting back to ontario is a good idea.

t reilly hodgson said...

+ this salem? www.myspace.com/salemband haha