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Saturday, February 6, 2010

rest cheek to cheek, fingers underneath

here is an excerpt from some stuff i wrote in cultural barf #3.
“have you ever thought you might end up in a novel?”

there was this girl, far very similar, squalid love affair, unable to sleep beside- would rather have a moment to keep stored very secret away. no sleep days. long stretch body language straightened sudden sleep flinch, hands flee from warm space between. alarm clock stop 3x morning breath clings to teeth and tongue dry, visibly lingers in narrow division understood in constant held close.

647 268 0956


6 300 5103

6 686

I am hushing secrets again, i'm sorry. I just felt, nothing, fuck, I did it again, didn't I?

is it a common i do have time, just not for you and but why? trying too hard or as hell would to not often thought about it meaning too vague now, vaguer then likely. it is a funnier thing that i can hold out in front of my reflecting face or tripling curses i am not following you outside for nothing great the degree of words used in place of saying 'sad' or just 'okay' instead. careless more correct if it's least expected, less swollen to inseperate bleached. fine idea to maybe challenge myself in normalcy. see how it works out and tell you about it later, a pleasanter place. longing left days ago in a deliberate shake of my hair to the side. trail the last rosy cheeked guard out whaling center ignorable poet talking up table space cafe, harsh light brings out white flecks scattered hairscapes. furious debt keeping heavy penalties.

obsessive dry dreams of some day smiles regress back into dangerous. nothing ever repeated exactly, stuck damp to similar traits and coarse language river of 'fuck you' hopefully drowns you one day. maybe we too in common as first private meeting without compulsive exclude anxious know your name and what your THING is. if i be struck tubes without written in full request prior knowledge, he daily net secrets smirking down face will hint at teeth stopping short of saying a name out loud.

i just said, ha ha, i mean, haha, i just said yesterda- haha, yesterday! that i could hhh never date a nonsmoker!! heeeefunnythat i metyouL*O#:>?>>>>>

(my italics)

for the sake of our salvation go longer true authors of concrete error importance council solemnly affirms unshakable preventing great practical importance or speculative fashionable fate.

gentle service clear conscious resist the face never convinced of contradictory threat: plague and position so half-truth in cell-worth pronouncing words unaccented and define mislead once again, sir?

absolutely new morning,

long trip feels short, brain full. get home later and express deadline stress at computer screen.

here is where i get worried about my breath again. also, why do i sweat so much?
am i nervous in habit or repeating infinite loop?


LC said...

ear-to-lips-to-page and rewind...

Anonymous said...

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dimitri hey!! said...

i don't get either of these comments, sorry.

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