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Sunday, January 16, 2011

a puzzled panther

Fairly dirty scans from last week... test shots with the Contax t2, definitely a decent purchase.

In other news...:
I have some work in FAQ Magazine #7, ran some photos in Self Publish, Be Happy, and I shared some words and photographs with Contra Magazine last week as well.

Um, yeah, hope y'all are well. If anybody wants to do some quickie projects together in the coming weeks... cough, cough.


death__cadet said...

Hey I said yes to the dress (making photo projects)

i guess i do not have enough tattoos to be considered an artist

dimitri hey!! said...

You know how to get in touch with me. We can change the tattoo thing anytime you'd like.

death__cadet said...

how do i get in touch with you! fcock?

Anonymous said...

Fcock is always my suggestion.