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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

magic sex 2k9 zine

hi okay, i have this zine for sale. 32 pages, hand printed cover, edition of 15. this is $5 shipped to can/us, probably equals like $6 to europe. i want these gone asap to fund the BOTY zine, so please, please, please consider buying one! it's all drawings and things like that, so yeah. get on it! you can comment here if you're interested, or email me at coveredinfrogs@hotmail.com. thank you friends!

I guess you should also know about this sorta 'collection' of three smaller zines, being The Day I Quit Smoking and Pentultimate Partygraph 1 & 2. This is 42 pages total and only $3/$4eu. I'll probably throw something else in with this too. These zines were done in editions of 15-20, and I only have three or so of these.

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+ + garbage museum + + said...

i want all of them!
how do i pay you?