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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

huge wave of nostalgia

working on three zines for different galleries at the same time
data disk dated feb 08
+i remember having zero dollars
++selling everything on craigslist
+++making $40
++rideshares, spontaneous, strangers with cars going from scarborogh to kingston in the next two hours, get in on it, do you want to smoke weed with us? no thanks. well, you can smoke darts if you open your window a crack.
+sitting by the water waiting for you to get off work, freezing, i already had a cold but i was fine with it.

weird, i hated kingston so much. i always hated it there. i just want to be there right now, though, in your old apartment and it would also be snowing but not freezing, just cold enough to snow and take long walks.

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