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Friday, March 12, 2010

everything is

i was just calling to say oh i guess that's a terrible thing to say. too real suddenly, that's right, i stumble into and i'm leaving. i do not believe i am needed here or really over there either, but a walk will do me good. my kidneys have been hurting too much.

i f
t h e
s t o r e
w a s c l
o s e d
e a r
l i e

sorry to bother you again i just sort of needed somebody to take my mind off logical discourse and pop culture references for a while. i've been thinking too much about how i am too quick to say 'fuck it' and is that my worst quality and why?

l o
o o k
i n g i
n t h e m i
r r o r a
n n d s e
e i n g
d o u
b l

i was just stopping by to say oh well i can't seem to figure it out myself, proper words, hard to really feel like you get what i'm saying: either leave me or love me alone.

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