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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


walk through dufferin grove with a

that was a joke,
but it comes from a true place

if i start a diet right now,
i miss you first. lost in a crowd.
cardboard box shelf, this must be
how the rich toss out their gold.
uncashed cheques.

you're woke up
yourself first time in
(how many) 13 days? stuck
in patterned known repeat i am
known for things, opposing things
expensive jeans rainyday legs
to cling for the
meaning in somewhere around
this, knee
denim rubbed raw and it's february
and it's the same
as last february
and you can't be in love
all of the time
floor clung and ceiling stared

who was it you swore to be true to?

1 comment:

LC said...

genuine down to your rainyday legs...cadence {gentle} cadence...