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Thursday, June 24, 2010

30,000 Pounds of Love Songs / I Feel Totally Fine zines

Hi! I have these zines for this upcoming show thing, and i'd like it, maybe, if you'd cop one? Both of these are available here, as well as a bunch of prints for only $20! Just saying!

30,000 Pounds of Love Songs is a 28 page zine of recent/new photos, 1/2 size, color+b&w laser, hand-signed and numbered edition of 30.

-- - - - - --- -- - -

"I Feel Totally Fine" is a 1/4 size, 24 page zine of photos/drawings/misc work i've done in recent weeks. B&W laser printed, hand numbered edition of 25.

There is also this!

This package comes with two random color laser prints (approx. 12x17 each, some bigger, some smaller) from my solo show "Temorary Infinity," and four 1/4 size zines (Copycat Magic [...] 2009, God is Everywhere 2009, [...]You or I Are Not His Hologram 2009, Every Other Sidewalk Crack [...] 2009). These zines were done each as editions of 10, so as a result there are four of these available. Each of these will come with various 4x6 prints, drawings, and other found material.

Thank you!


damnyoucharlesmanson said...

how do i come across a copy of yr zine?

dimitri hey!! said...

http://rarelyentire.bigcartel.com/ !

dimitri hey!! said...

i also love trades, dudeeee