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Monday, September 27, 2010

all i could say is "i wish i had something to say."

This NC400 shit is pissing me off. I can't tell if the color cast is nice or terrible.


Ralph Wiggum said...

I like these. The guy looks cool. (I like the hoody)

It reminds me of the goonies or something.

LC said...

dustin hoffman circa 1967 in The Graduate (just sayin')

Ralph Wlggum said...

Gross Revenue from The Graduate = (+ $100,000,000)

think of all the knee pads he could buy you.

Holy Jokes!!!

sarah bodri said...

i love the pastel-y look of NC that i think kind of happens when it's over-exposed. VC is just insane though. the top guys look like slides a little.

DD/MM/YYYY said...

These look awesoe, bros.