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Saturday, September 11, 2010

the words are "we're in shambles, due to those who lost their way"

Sorry if I neglect you. I've been busy or bored, one or the other. Good news, though! There will be a BOTY exhibition this month (details soon!), a new large format zine coming out as well as a few store exclusive xerox things (later!), all prints from the summer officially sold out, so there will be a new edition of new work coming up... rereleasing the bart zine, bootlegging t-shirts... probably other stuff too, can't think!

Here are some things from the past few days:

- - -
You think i'm sleeping on my zine game? Wrong.

The great Brooke Manning and her Loom Publishing imprint released OLD QUARTERLY #1 and I just caught a copy at Zine Dream, and it's this seriously HUGE seriously FUCKING AMAZING collection of writing and work and it's FUCKING stellar, and FUCK I mean... I can go on forever about how much I like this, so just put out the change and pick one up. Somehow, I managed to wind up in it, which is totally unrelated!

I recently did a zine with the lovely Laura Cassis and it's a pretty cute little 1/4th legal thing, 16 pages, black and white text xerox... it's part of a larger series which i'll eventually release on a larger scale, but if you want one of these just email me: coveredinfrogs at hotmail dot com.

Houston's Sketch Klubb recently released 'The Beavis and Butthead Zine!' and it's this hella nice, full color zine that has two of my drawings in it alongside such serious business dudes as Mildred and Johnny Ryan. COOL! I don't know where to get it, but email them maybe!

I also put out a pack of unreleased or out-of-print zines and prints and stuff through London's 14-19 which you can pick up here!

OH and here's a video of my band playing some festival of waste thing last week! Two dudes hanging out talking about where we pee from. We start at 1:04... and hey! I'm that guy, you know, THAT guy at the beginning of this! HA! Nailed it.


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