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Monday, October 18, 2010

all that you sigh, blush, wish and pray for

I took some photos for my friends in Bellewoods last week. I'm glad that I didn't make them look like Coldplay (always a serious concern when photographing bands).
- - -

Hanging out in the darkroom lots because i'm always pissed off at something so I can just 'chill out' and 'keep my hands busy.' Also because I need to start selling prints again. We'll talk about this soon.
- - -

And hey! I did this split cassette on Lillerne Tapes with Vehicle Blues + Jen Paul/No Lakes! It's really good and worth your time, I swear to god! REFERENCE THE LINK PLEASE!
- - -

This is also something that is really embarrassing and hilarious and whatever. PARTY DUDE. TRUE PONX.
- - -
WHAT ELSE. Some zines coming up, blah blah blah, putting off suicide until springtime, blah, blah, need a winter jacket if you guys have any spare money laying around, blah, blah, blah.

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