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Saturday, October 23, 2010

My body of work is exploitation, and I must say it's astounding.

Fucking around with chemistry again! This is Kodak Gold 200 soaked in ammonia, dried, shot and then cross processed in HC-110. Fun!

- - -

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HATE CRIMES is a new 'band' or 'annoying thing' or 'something' that's been revisited lately. The video is pretty funny because it's old stuff that people are probably embarrassed to have their face in. TOO BAD. There is also some REALLY FUCKING COOL possible real band news?! We'll talk about that later. CAN'T TYPE FEEL LIKE I'M GOING TO DIE FROM TOO MUCH FAST FOOD TODAY.

OH WAIT ALSO, I FORGOT SOMETHING! Some people! Let me tell you- some people! HEY, LISTEN, YOU! Hate to stray from the whole 'posi' game but I KNOW you read this... so HEY, SHUT UP!


Anonymous said...

You shut up.

dimitri hey!! said...


Anonymous said...

Okay. But only cause everyone wants me too.

Tgat guy in the video has some fucking straight teath.