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Monday, November 23, 2009

joke or to ridicule

got your City
together all knew friends now,
forever in style points and
trend codes (way too much slang)
-formal introduction to
busy laughing hotel rooms
because i could never would never just don't
say no to
a good time

(get) on with (close) conversation
-new jeans i like them (to)o
(anyone) part of this is
sticking together.

a second so finely
sore trains, best
will sadden sacks and when
will i be without needs
of words every moment
naked suddenly
of your last thought of
compositional end times

mark and memorize
road dropping confidence
known to those who snort and
who's means are entirely
from the heart
walk on 99cent thrift
shoes and cross sidewalk to
24frames per second

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