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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wham City and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

So, the entire Wham City crew is down in the dirtiest of Toronto staying with the House of Everlasting Super Joy and we have a lot of great events coming up!
Wed, Nov 4th: DDMMYYYY, Child Bite, Nuclear Power Pants, Dan Deacon at the Great Hall, 9pm, $10
Thurs, Nov 5th: Art exhibition at the DeLeon White Gallery, 7pm, Free
Fri, Nov 5th: Sneezing in the Cabbage, ipod battle, dj mix offz, baltimore vs toronto, lots of great musicians this nite, going to be FUCKED!! also theatre and video art early. i am playing too! 225 sterling, unit 23, 8pm, $?
Sat, Nov. 6th: Baltimore Round Robin, 11 bands playing one song after the other in a big circle!! DeLeon White gallery, 8pm, $?

Come out, it'll be pretty good.