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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

totally anonymous: an idea

alright, i am very fond of the idea of letter writing. however, i feel like there is no way to write something to one you know without censoring yourself subconsciously.

as opposed to resourcing a pen pal, i have decided to try this.
i have made a gmail account exclusively for this, and what you would do would be login and write an email to the email in which you are sending it. hopefully, another person would read it and reply to it from the same account, to the same account. more letters, more replies, all veiled under total and complete anonymity.

try this with me, maybe? even just a one line statement. anything.

email address: amitooidealistic@gmail.com
password: sleepwalking

hey! this will probably end up a zine, like everything else!


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do you check it regularly? there is some wonderful stuff on there.