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Friday, January 29, 2010

whatever you need done, we will do it

"i think in poems" he says, sudden
abrupt shift in conversational switch
"broken car window glass shatters tossed
in perfect form dufferin corner, explains
so much. dreaded meeting pretty girl who
two typicals meet later and leave. as if
whatever is done needs to highlight control
v and c
repeated repeated infinate."
are you sudden high end vegan? please, don't
stop smoking for us, please. we all police
ourselves. i think i get it, yes. are we true
breaking the least i could do is nothing (red
room coffee late january?)or rather sweet sixteen
present swiss army pocket knife forever keychain held?

all reality sudden providing
a simpler accounting of what
is really having expectations
mistook smallest shaking
as holding dear or equal,
range street wheelies to
display desire to die
(just pretending is all)

half hording told you
so, if kept close unable
to let down again our guard
biceps still rip summer time
shirt sleeves trash likely
so embarassed for you right
now, hide nothing!
freedom, for you? still laugh.
flock of bees majestically
foaming at your mouth

"see what i mean? it just
doesn't stop."

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