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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


the handsome theory of the strange
and sudden self-assured
a quite small 'sweet pea' you smile,
only going all the way half the
time midnite raid of complete and total
thoughts thin, and shirts wrinkled from
already worn + devoted to wrapped around
you but good, how to respond except do
not to a suggesting allergic impossibility
post-blues printed and taped up (the door)
embarassed that it is a good way of dealing

how much of a preparation is needed? comes
in time, surely spotless dinner napkins tossed
from lap to floor bright girl subscription to
smashing starbucks windows late at night.

tall and waxing cursed ideal in all the still
unable sentance stringer, satisfied
easily nihilistic anxiety (hyperbole) nicely
given to choices and cleavage, wasting something

so wall calendar concieved accurately and to
all impressed precision forget and uncanny
imitation and yes, it would be nice every
present habit and shifting accounts for these
dear friend,
suceed path and past and immersed unclear who
placed these bets. twin doubled crisis navigation
makes a charmingly perfect suffering-
staying in the business of having no business living.
(it's good work if you can get it.)

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