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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

oh, how i want to breaaaaak free

i watched the beautiful losers documentary today and i will probably watch it one more time before the day is finished. i truly believe that it is one of the most important films for 'art' related people to watch... inspiration inspiration inspirarationarion.

2 clouds kissing
and capitalists

a very
thickly laid binding
or where do you keep me?

on or on or living
with shoulders to
subway readers

i am not so
shrugging often
with you

real or not i
am truthful with you how
can i not?

rich to be stayed
or deal trist for
twelve-times sucession

a greater
kiss your nose
graphically laid out explanation.


LC said...

you are beautiful

iwantballoon said...

such a coincidence that i stumbled up on your blog because i watched beautiful losers today. it was so inspirational, especially the parts with margaret kilgallen.