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Monday, December 28, 2009

closed hands

c lippi ngor f-r-am e ddam;age d an d
m is sin g, tv s'hows / your lover' e(n)j(o) ys

pencil grey hand sides from no work
strange new proper prowling deciding for me
if you were sitting here (ithere)
i picture us the forthwright two hence would
say to you straight,
'i would make an exception for you.'
and you, please(ingly)smile please,
miss pretty face,

exposing nothing but miss pretty face,
bare in all learning, not but
bent strings for once not lying
(i ca nt ell byy our eye s,the ya rel oo king a tme)
a don't believe this is happening or pity.

parked car woke up quiet day working no big deal last time someone else's windows

on and off wastering away
late ghost slurrings all through
bar el it a ll eyorh all,
lovely lovingly lovers freezing lips
on all plural others and rival their pleads away

miss pretty face and hasn't eaten
bows her head or hunts tip toeing
(delicate word)(talks) particular unblinking
twisted angle and hips to
mine/ tenths or kisses or untouching sleeps.

ne vert here o rpr et tyfac ed
doesn't think of me fondly (rarely thinks)
but sentimental gripping through
acknowledged at last is longed

reacting as though the sun was left alone
for a long time and then crashed into by a
m i l li on sm all er s tar s

tracked breathing off
relaxing with several
companions or foul
playing dust turners
at the sound of

'what was that?'

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Anonymous said...

Goodness Dimitri,this is exquisitely beautiful.You have such a talent.<3