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Thursday, December 24, 2009

moon rocks

i am a mess, severeign.
no-to threaten trust with the
above slipping alarm clock led
to the new periods roughly
Times New maintenance
recently or certainly which
cannot be in cofidennce;
erroneous or which isn't ours.
fool in doubts about whom
announcing cash promises to
cowardice left with an empty
bank account

the lower back isn't worried!
or badly included/understood,
grazble however!
does the cord undernoticed along
the point have to be, intentional
heart scrambled curiously?
passed by the quick glance described
as thinking of you laughing in bed?
your very removed grace reflected?
forget the neversmiles or ordered traditional slack.

who hasn't or did want this,
but fixed a long ago?
deader falling for years and
composed of the spirits? will
you hide your eggs on New Year's Day
or the day before? curative time managemnent
labelled with intregue and underhealing wounds?
the dissolved high account of wire or pleasant english.
memorized 16yroldphone numbers and
metered pavement counting stage.

you know all the solved and dazed walkers in love, neverlinedcrosserundersuresecondguesserofopportunity.

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