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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

one before work and i'm gone

so, i; the given up still
because you would say
twenty-two holding soon hardly
which luggage on my back, except a trail of
no-loves and joke-to promise-forevers no-love-letters on
stationary businesses printed paper menus re-used
listing two during once with the store

when I dropped myself drunk matches and
us, them two
stole per package of gum,
you liked it so much! (I?)
one kisses seems fantastic! but - - -
please fall deadened beside the others

the life is a joke and i'm above him, another re-run

the late-nite bicycle-assemble the financial zone when it's hot outside

closed eyes with half and an affected smile
'I think, therefore i hardly exist'
never to know the combat is not an imagination
hate me with your friend to dine the birthday of need

something interesting-
two thin boys in an alley catch your attention
why is sexual attraction a mystery with me but what I can say now?

Berlin-leap with a pretty, pretty heart,
dividing the even-child-cities perhaps we bump in another somewhere share soon.
you feel sorry for embraces-
rather those that speak
bar labelled of the fifteen dollars
spent time with my friends; I HAVE NEED FOR THEM
reasonable reasonable reasonable
to lay down it's sun sector of compartments
introduced and the binary deadened tomb

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