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Thursday, December 10, 2009

thing have changed for me

we developed:
to the top of, distant, none.
a little older, however,
not drunk with the local alternate bars with the relevant culture youth hot spot
but with shirt off in addition to illegal parts of a houseparty bar.
who is to say i'm better for it
my more hated features were rolled upwards in me,
some share, but usually during an hour or so.
feeling sorry for me, a block of ice melts in the back seat of your car.
trembling each short hair or plaid shirt laughing man no-jokes,
beer puddle pools west queen west.
at least i'm not which standard man like that.
a kitten curls itself upwards on your feet under your desk
reminds you- perhaps to call your mom, or invites a friend over.
did i really break my glasses in bed, drunk early november?


Anonymous said...

do you ever want to be held by a complete stranger?

dimitri hey!! said...

would it be inappropriate for me to say 'it is all i want in life'?

Anonymous said...

not at all. that is exactly how i feel. i long for it, and must fight the urge to reach out and grab someone. anyone.

dimitri hey!! said...

it really sucks, just wanting to maybe hug someone and snuggle into their shoulders. it seems that my age group 'doesn't get it/doesn't want it' or something. i couldn't agree more, 'anyone' will do.