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Saturday, December 19, 2009

you don't move me anymore

all is with us each with all and for all and is for is other and all our evers for altogether each one everying forever, others all is our each one never of alls. each alling is with us. our each and every is all and for the other.

the longest stare
was just moments long
with the biggest smirk
smoker's teeth can
f o r g i v e
m e , stairs suddenly it is
a joke and we turn away.

not characteristic, I leave a short distance
a cross, this city and it is Tuesday.
our Holy Lands, our special place perhaps
we have this jointly, this. we are, indefinate,
with our stages deciciding whether we
go if is it what we think
I am older in the eyes, my speech strange?
do I walk with a straighter vagrancy suitable?
H O L D O U T F O R H O W L O N G O R W H O?
do you make confidence with the latter, theorically?
is there faith in cafes? at which distance I can push the dubious bubble?
bind our arms, it is too cold with each step.

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