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Thursday, December 24, 2009


you of all, the most
snow waking up morning
vouched personal astonishment
how to go about your day
whisperings on fixed devilmaycare
gifts agressively building pressure

like a kinked hose connected to
a sprinkler gradually wriggling itself
free and suddenly completely full.

one held laughing moment was left
with us here in that which we have
sand in our goodbyes, admired
sum of all shelf space is someone
teached in quiet unlike dissappointment
different and normal one from peace.

one second or a stop of all existing
truces and i accompany resignment of
a red-churning tonic feeling
practically true
double plus it all for once and ever
all of none trues very than ever it will
be not sure, enough or wet face no thing
left but upset eyes on a liars face.

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