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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

this song is not for you lovers

--a friend (11 pm)
close in age more or lesser
looks at me and says
well, life is a joke
and we can't relate because
few realize that
everything is bad
even the good!
the good will be so bad, just you wait
i trust her.

--another friend
a little bit older but more or lesser the same
says over beers, 5pm local bar
you have your whole life to be unhappy
things can always get worse, but believe me
you will be fine (more or lesser) in the end
i believe him.

--third friend
beautiful girl, no interest but united forever in
always sad singalongs 6pm
professes love for married men
nothing can be forever, not even this
you'll forget this
me, this moment
a year from now

i can't now that it exists on the internet.

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